For 14 years Hand in Hand Trust ran nurseries for 250 children in the shanty towns of Lima, Ariquipa and Yurimaguas in the Amazon. By enabling parents to go out to work the nurseries contributed to the social and economic development of the local communities.

In order to survive many parents in Peru have no choice but to leave their children unattended while they go out to work and countless small children, even babies, are left on their own or in the care of young siblings. Apart from the dangers of being ‘home alone’, these children miss out on emotional, physical and mental development at a crucial stage of their lives. By providing education, inspiration, exercise, nutritious meals and day to day stability Hand in Hand nurseries lay the foundations children need in order to begin the road out of extreme poverty.

Parents return at the end of the day to contented, well-fed children, tired from play and stimulation instead of from boredom, hunger and neglect. Abuse caused by stress, future drug problems and continued poverty are alleviated.  Instead the children go on to thrive at primary school where they are always the most motivated, attentive, articulate, and socially and emotionally developed of their class.

In the local community the value of education is now acknowledged and parents learn childcare skills, including nutrition and basic hygiene. Their self esteem grows together with their pride in their children and a realistic hope for their future.

Hand in Hand Trust recognised the importance of apssing on our skills to parents and the community and so we now expect parents to participate in the running of the nurseries

Now with social changes and more government nurseries being available in the cities, Hand in Hand Trust is focussing its attention to communities within the Amazon and other poorer areas