How We Form Our Partnerships

Our partnerships are always carefully and prayerfully considered.

  • We always require that first contact comes from a trusted Christian partner, group or church. We never respond to individual requests.
  • We listen to our partner's goals. Their vision must be conceived locally, and the impact must focus on vulnerable and orphaned children and one of our four strategic pillars.
  • Before considering any on-going support, the partner must allow us to walk beside them for a minimum of two years. This requirement is so we can get a feel of the work, the needs, and assess whether those directing the project have sufficient knowledge, skills and passion for leading.
  • Schools or colleges considered must be run by national citizens as the majority.
  • We prefer projects which actively seek ways to become sustainable.
  • If after the two years, we feel that an on-going partnership is beneficial, the project partner would need to be open to entering a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Hand in Hand. This is an agreement between Hand in Hand and the project partner as to how we are going to work together.

We pride ourselves on partnering with locals who understand the culture; the region and the social problems which belong to it. Most importantly they are our first line of contact for the young people we look to support.