Investing in Young Lives

Becoming a positive influence

Jane and friends

When Jane was first brought to New Hope for assistance by her grandmother at the age of 12, her grandmother’s only aim was that she could learn to read in order to keep herself safe. Jane however advanced to being able to do so much more, becoming a primary school teacher herself after pursuing a diploma in teaching.

With humility she began her education with pre-schoolers but with determination she progressed quickly through the primary years as she was a keen learner, thanks to extra help from Anne and Tiras, the directors of New Hope. During her time at New Hope, Jane demonstrated great leadership qualities and has always been one of the “pillars” of the home, setting an example to the other children being cared for.

Jane progressed into reaching her potential because of so many different factors; a grandmother that wanted the best for her orphaned grandchild, New Hope giving her the opportunity to learn, UK supporters that financed her education, Hand in Hand friends that committed to funding her teacher training but most of all Jane’s own determination to be a success.

Creating opportunities for vulnerable young people is a privilege to be a part of. Why not help to give that opportunity by working with Hand in Hand to provide the resources and opportunities necessary for these children to grow into adults that are able to care for themselves, their families and be a positive influence in their communities?