Many of the students we serve have come from difficult backgrounds. They have been born into extreme poverty, have experienced the premature loss of one or both parents, or seen unspeakable violence.

Mentorship Conference

The lack of essential support from family or a role-model figure often has disastrous consequences. One such is not being able to hold down a job and then finding themselves in the same state of destitution as the generation before them.

Hand in Hand believes that relational support, the kind that renews thinking, is vital in the fight to free these young people from a vicious cycle of poverty.

For that reason, our Mentorship Programme provides a wealth of role models that our children can look up to as well as a structured programme which seeks to develop them personally, professionally and spiritually.

Once a student has registered with the Programme, they must attend three meetings in the year: an annual 4-day Mentorship Conference which introduces the theme of the programme plus two additional holiday forums in December and April. The latter take place in students' home towns.

We recognise the mind is the engine that drives one's life, so we tell our students that no matter what pain they've felt, what negative experiences they've had, these can be turned into learning points, we tell them their future is great.

Peter Karanja, East Africa Development Manager, Hand in Hand

"The making of a champion" – a clarion call

Each year a theme is chosen for the programme, which comes from our CHAMPION acronym. The current programme is teaching on purpose and influence. Character, Habit, Attitude, Mindset, Purpose, Influence, Opportunities, Networking

Our mentors look to help our students develop in several areas: Academia; Personal, Social and Spiritual Development; Life Skills;Leadership; Career


This is what one of the Mentors had to say about Hannah who is studying ICT at the Nakuru Training Institute:

“One thing that stands out about Hannah is her aptitude for leadership. She takes charge of other students and gives them direction. These skills go from strength to strength as we give her more responsibility."

The Mentorship Conference

Every year, Kenyan students on the Programme gather together under one roof for a time of lectures, team-building activities, encouragement, prayer and worship. (Due to Covid-19 restrictions this did not take place during 2020, 2021 and 2022)

A dedicated team of our project partner co-ordinators, Hand in Hand staff, guest speakers and student leaders work hard to make the event happen.

Teachings from our speakers are scripture-based and designed to not only encourage and motivate our young people but to form part of their development. We always hope they leave the event feeling that God has a unique plan for each of their lives and the success they are looking for is achievable through prayer and hard work.

More than a seat at an event, an investment in a future