Katwe Project

Lives impacted by the work of Katwe


Teachers often play the role of educator and parent with many of the children coming from broken homes. Janet was struggling with her school work until a teacher's wise counsel and her decision to become a Christian changed her attitude to school. The visible improvement of her grades gave Janet's Mum a reason to keep her in full-time education. Janet could have quickly become one of the many children to drop out of school. Not because of lack of ability, but a lack of time and investment in her life. Thanks to the intervention of teachers like the one at Katwe, Janet can look forward to a future where she can support herself, a future with more options.

Currently serving 375 young people with primary education (2019)

Age range: 4-14

Partner since: 2005

Project Description

The Katwe project stemmed from a local church's response to an urgent need to educate children from the slum areas. With a partnership between Hand in Hand and Nsambya Full Gospel Church in place, supporters assisted with funding the construction of the Katwe School and a clinic. Hand in Hand currently cover the head teacher's salary.

Regional Profile

Five miles from Kampala City Centre, Katwe is known for being a place of Ugandan ingenuity which has attracted entrepreneurs and independent business people considered "risky" by Uganda's conservative banking industry. Equally, it is home to a crime-ridden slum which has attracted young men and women with little education and practical skills who engage in prostitution, thievery and even murder.

Core services

Pre-school and Primary

Katwe offers education to children from 4 to 14 years. Children are mostly from the slum area in the city.

Clinic and Dentistry

Katwe also runs a clinic and dentist practice to meet the needs of the local children and their families.

We need (£)


to provide the salary for a suitably qualified Head Teacher


Various projects have been tested and tried over time including chicken rearing but to date none have succeeded.