The Story so Far

1994 - 1998

A seed of compassion

Once upon a time in Essex, a gentleman by the name of Dave Garlick was moved by a video showing the lives of street children in Brazil's slums. This would kick-start a fierce response by Dave and friends to raise support and awareness for Hand in Hand's first project partner CBC, University of Life in Brazil.

1998 - 2000

Watering and sprouting!

Seeing the potential to impact lives, Hand in Hand became a registered charity in 1998 and endeavoured to raise money for other similar projects focussed on vulnerable children.

It was during this time that the charity began a journey with two of its most beloved partnerships in East Africa today, Daylove and New Hope Children's Home in Kenya.

2001 – 2009

Growing roots

This decade is noteworthy for the people who passionately set down the charity's administrative foundations. The result of which was a multitude of partnerships which would impact the lives of so many.

In 2001, the charity strengthened UK operations employing its first full-time paid member of staff and In 2006 moved into its first official premise on Reeds Farm Estate in Roxwell.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Clifford Thames, who generously donated office space at Springfield Lyons House in Chelmsford for a time.

2010 – 2017

Pruning for growth

The hallmark of this period was the new standard set by a radical decision to focus on East Africa projects.

2010 celebrated the birth of The Hand in Hand Foundation, in Kenya. An affiliate of Hand in Hand UK. A move which improved accountability, added value to our partners in this region and allowed us to strengthen the relationship.

A narrower focus also meant the charity could develop a Mentorship Programme tailored for Kenyan teens and adults. Also introduced was the IFA Programme for elderly grandmothers looking after orphaned grandchildren.


20 years of fruit

In 2018, Hand in Hand celebrated 20 years of planting, growing and pruning. 17 project partnerships formed, 29 members of staff and trustees, 370 trip goers, over £5 million in supporter-funding. Most importantly, at least 15,000 young lives reached.

And it all started with a seed planted in Essex.

Partner History

1998 - 2010: CBC University of Life, Brazil

1998 - present: Daylove Children's Project, Kenya

2000 - present: New Hope Children's Home, Kenya

2003 - 2016: Mano y Mano, Ecuador

2004 - 2011: ICEG (Instituto Cristão Evangélico de Goiás), Brazil

2004 – 2014: Kiraracha School, Tanzania

2004 - present: Mogonjet School, Kenya

2005 - present: Thika Orphans and Grandparents Scheme, Kenya

2005 - present: Nakuru Training Institute (NTI), Kenya

2005 - 2012: St Paul's Theological College, Kenya

2005 - 2012: Planting Faith Ministries Partnership, Kenya

2005 - present: Katwe School, Uganda

2005 - 2017: Kampala Evangelical School of Theology, Uganda

2005 - 2012: Evangelical Bible College of Malawi (EBCOM), Malawi

2007 - present: Namrata Shah Children's Home, Kenya

2008 - present: JJCommunity Transformation, Uganda

2011 - 2019: High-Level Early Childhood Centre, Kenya