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Susan and Samuel
Susan and Samuel

Susan and Samuel are an elderly couple who are caring for ELEVEN grandchildren as their own children sadly passed away in recent years. Selected as part of our IFA (Integrated Family Approach) pilot project which looks to empower elderly families in their situation, the couple received amongst other things, a drip irrigation kit to grow crops. As a result, they can sleep knowing where the next meal is coming from. More importantly, added income from the sale of anything they don't eat means they can send their grandchildren to school. The family's conditions have improved so much that Samuel, who's in his seventies (!), is currently building a stone house for the family.

Number of families helped in 2019: 15

Partner since 2007

Project Description

Since 2007, Hand in Hand have been working with the Diocese in Thika to help support over 60 grandparents with the care of their orphaned grandchildren.

So far, supporters have raised funds for the provision of cows, seed for crop growing, drip kits, tanks for rain harvesting and most importantly training on all the former. These interventions empower elderly families to provide for themselves and for the education and welfare of their orphaned grandchildren.

Regional Profile

Thika is an industrial town which has suffered terribly from the effects of HIV, resulting in a large number of orphaned children needing care.

Core services

Integrated Family Approach (IFA)

Support comes in the form of providing various measures which promote self-sufficiency in families. Results of such measures range from increasing food security to increased attendance at school by orphaned grandchildren.

Children from this project are considered for our training and mentorship programme