Training student sets up cafe

Entrepreneurial skills demonstrated

With unemployment currently standing at 39% in Kenya, as per a recently released census, the opportunity for employment for our students finishing their training courses is low.

However with a determined spirit and aptitude for entrepreneurship, opportunities can be created. JJ is making that opportunity happen. A student from New Hope and currently studying a Catering Course at Thika Institute of Business Studies, JJ with only the equivalent of around £80 and armed with his skills from training is offering meals to other students at affordable prices and has created jobs for two other youths in the process. Already from his profits he has bought a motorbike and is offering transport to willing passengers for a small sum. This young man will go far!

Such students need to be encouraged. It is our goal at Hand in Hand to not only transform these young people's mindset through mentorship but also to equip them with appropriate skills through training.

Well done JJ, you are a true champion!

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