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Geoffrey is one of Mogonjet’s beneficiaries sponsored into training in 2014 from Mogonjet School. Last born from a family of 7 in the rural district of Mogonjet, Geoffrey had little hope of being able to venture outside of his immediate area where he would remain reliant on subsistence farming. Having benefited from the education given at Mogonjet School, he was considered capable of being able to pursue a Diploma course in Business Management at NTI. Following his completed course he was placed on an internship at a petrol station in Nakuru. Geoffrey is now able to support himself and contribute to his family’s needs back home. He helped to pay for his sister's training fees and has built a house for his mother.

Currently serving 842 young people (2019)

Age range: 3-18

Partner since 2004

Project Description

Mogonjet School in Bomet opened its doors in 1960 as just a few mud buildings with iron sheets. Hand in Hand's relationship with the school developed through Rev. Joseph Rono of Grace Foundation International, who is on the board of governors for both the primary and secondary school. The school provides pre-primary, primary and secondary education and began in 2004. Since then, funding has enabled the construction and refurbishment of classrooms, provision of a local clinic and a tailoring workshop. We have also managed to facilitate a special relationship between Mogonjet and King Edward VI Grammar School in Chelmsford. This successful partnership sees students learning from each other during yearly visits and has generated funds for the school. Such funding has provided new and improved facilities and has met school fees for some of the most vulnerable.

Regional Profile

The main economic activity in Bomet is agriculture. Tea farming is particularly characteristic of the Eastern region of the county which provides a menial income to farmers. Access to education and good employment opportunities are a challenge in the area.

Core services


Mogonjet provides education from pre-primary to secondary in an economically challenged, rural community in Kenya. The relationship between Hand in Hand and the school has enabled expansion, providing better facilities and opportunities for the children in the area.


Built with funding from Hand in Hand supporters, the clinic now meets the basic needs of the children from the school and the local community. This service is free of charge with the provision of nurses and medication by the government.

Children from this project are considered for our training and mentorship programme


The tailoring workshop was set up to help support the running of the secondary school with the making and selling of school uniforms. However, this has had a limited effect to date and the school are currently looking at how to improve it.