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Robert is an excellent example of the opportunity that training can provide. He learnt to fend for himself at a young age when his father died, and his mother struggled to meet the family's needs. As a candidate from Mogonjet School, Robert was selected to be sponsored for training by Hand in Hand. Although keen on mechanics, he settled for a course in Tailoring and Dressmaking which was being offered at NTI.

Within no time, he was making dresses for staff and his fellow students. He excelled in his course passing all three grades and following completion he was able to get work. After a short while, he decided to start his own business, making and selling clothes to order as well as selling accessories.

He will be forever grateful to Hand in Hand supporters for an opportunity which has enabled him to support himself and his family.

335 young people trained up in 2018

Age range: 15+

Partner since 2004

Project Description

The Nakuru Training Institute was set up by the Nakuru Christian Professional Association (NCPA) in response to the training needs of the most deprived teenagers in their area. This professionally run institution not only offers government recognized courses but looks to develop the individual with their holistic approach. For many years it has been Hand in Hand's preferred place of training.

In 2012 a Liaison Officer was employed to help students with the transition into employment. Placements are found during training so they can gain practical experience and build positive relationships with businesses for future employment possibilities. Hand in Hand supporters fund 50% of this role.

Regional profile

Home to the beautiful soda lake, Lake Nakuru, and its flamingos. This county has agriculture, manufacturing and tourism as the backbones of its economy. It is also known for being a "conference centre" in Kenya with many people filling up hotels to attend different functions. Furthermore, it is becoming an increasingly important education centre and is home to campuses from many different Kenyan universities.

Core Services


NTI offer a range of courses up to diploma level including, but not limited to: Business Management, Accounting, Hair & Beauty, Fashion & Design, Counselling, Social Work, Catering & Hospitality and many more.

Children from this project are considered for our mentorship programme

Just (£)


a year supports the Liaison Officer role


One way in which the college seeks to increase its revenue and improve services is through the construction of an onsite hotel/conference centre which would offer fantastic views of Lake Nakuru. This would not only provide income to the college but also employment opportunities for graduating students. To date, funding for this has come from members of the Nakuru Christian Professionals Association. Keep an eye out for latest news on this project.