Hearing from Alumni

Thirty-Five Former Students met with Peter to share their experiences of Training and Mentorship

Your commitment to ensuring our success and empowering us to reach our full potential has been a constant source of motivation.

During December, thirty-five of our former students met with Peter in two different locations to share their experiences of Hand in Hand and the impact it has had on their lives, in particular their experience of training and mentorship. Most of these young people are now working, thanks to the support that they have been given.

Part of our reason for wanting to hear from them was to see how we can improve what we are currently doing. It is always good to hear from those that have actually had the experience. We can sometimes presume to know what is best for people but actually miss the point because we are looking at it from our own understanding probably based on our own experience which may be far from what some of these young people have grown up with.

The students were excited to come together and appreciated the opportunity. So much so, that they decided to write a collective letter. We can never appreciate the impact we have on other people's lives, which can be both positive and negative. This letter is a brief glimpse of the impact of donors' support over the years. It always amazes students that people thousands of miles away that have never met them are willing to give so that their experience and opportunity in life might be improved. Thank you to everyone of you that have believed in these young people, expressing God's love in a very practical way.

The students who met at Mogonjet school also decided to commit funds towards their former school as they saw the input of Hand in Hand and KEGS towards improving their school facilities.

We are also grateful to the Hand in Hand Foundation Board members who also contribute their time to these young people. This time Jennifer Gitiri who holds the responsible position of Advocate of the High Court, shared her experience with the students. Her story is one of inspiration.

Thank you to each and everyone. Your gifts are making a difference.