Using your talents to help others

Linda reaches £5000 raising funds through her card making


Linda has been a loyal supporter of Hand in Hand for over 20 years. With a desire to help she set about making cards in order to raise funds. 20 years later and she has raised an amazing £5,000 for Hand in Hand by using her talents and doing something that she loves to do. We asked Linda a few questions:

Why did you choose Hand in Hand to raise money for?

I chose Hand in Hand after listening to a talk from Sue and Grant at church about 20 years ago. I have seen many talks since from them both, but this one was the one that really got to me.The video showed little children abandoned, unloved and in a very poor state. It made me feel so sad and helpless. It also made me feel very blessed to live where I do and to have so much in comparison. I knew that Hand in Hand would help as many of those children as they could, but also help them to live a better life, a life with a future of hope and love. I knew they would be shown the love of Jesus. God has given me a gift of creativity and a very understanding husband so I felt I had to use my time to help them too.

How many cards do you think you've made over the 20 years?

Oh my goodness, that's a difficult question! I have probably made around 4,000 or more. At 3 for £2 it's hard to calculate and then the Christmas cards are 10 for £5! I also make other crafty things and I always give a donation from them too. People will often give a donation to Hand in Hand while buying cards or other things I make so that has helped.

Did you ever feel like giving up and it wasn't worth it?

There have been times where it's has been quiet and I don't sell any cards for a month. I try to be inventive and make them better or look on Pinterest for ideas. I sometimes doubt if they are good enough!

I do know that God has blessed me so much during this time and gives me encouragement to press on so that I can continue to help Hand in Hand to help others.
I would like to thank everyone who buys from me too. Without their support and encouragement, I would not be writing this.

Thank you Linda, you are making a difference.