Supporter Witnesses Impact of JJCT

Mike awarding a certificate for completed training

In March this year, Mike and his son were privileged to have the opportunity to go and work with the Jehovah Jireh project in Bushenyi, Uganda. The purpose of the visit was to initiate a cascade of the biblically based business training into the vocational college, the school and the community - providing education on how to generate income from very small beginnings.

Mike writes “JJ is an amazing project, founded and staffed by amazing people, providing hope, skills, knowledge, and resilience to a community struggling below the poverty line. Within this grime of disadvantage, God is forging diamonds - individuals and groups that shine out, and persevere, and create examples that God's grace is available to everyone. It was uplifting simply to be around them, and experience their passion and energy.

We began each morning session with acappella worship, and then people worked in mixed groups to think through their business ideas, and test out whether or not they would work. In the afternoon people went out to apply what they had learned, and gather data and insight to feed their discussions for the following day.

Everybody made it to the end, and we may even have a few fledgling businesses. But those who don't yet have a business, now know how to think one through to give it the best chance of success, and they know how to pass that knowledge on to others.

JJCT is transforming the community. Our hope is that this will be one additional skill that can help that community grow economically in a way that can utilise and sustain all that JJ is teaching them.

And all too soon, we had to say goodbye. Fortunately, we managed to complete our sessions before the lock-down started and, despite a few hiccups, managed to get back home safely.”