School Partnership flourishes

150 students and teachers see impact

It has been a privilege to facilitate the partnership between two schools; Mogonjet School in Kenya and King Edward VI Grammar School (KEGS) in Chelmsford. Since 2008, 139 students and 11 teachers have visited Mogonjet School and taken part in teaching as well as interacting with a culture so different from their own. Students have seen the impact of their school's fundraising and understood the difference that it has made to the school community and beyond. During that time Mogonjet School has developed, currently educating over 640 children from preschool to end of secondary. The clinic attached to the school, which was funded from sources secured by Hand in Hand is a fundamental part of the community, seeing around 300 people each week.
Each year Mogonjet Students eagerly await the visit from their friends in the UK and enjoy the interaction that takes place over a few special days. KEGS students are excellent ambassadors for their school and it is a joy to watch this interaction and respect that takes place between two cultures.
The picture below shows the group congratulating the best performing student in his KSCE exam as he received this year's KEGS award, giving him initial funds to be able to embark on a university course to become a teacher.