New Kitchen needed for JJ Excel

JJ Excel Training School Kitchen needs replacing

JJ Excel existing kitchen

Though JJ Excel in Uganda has been out of action for many months now due to Covid-19 restrictions, the leaders are looking forward to classes restarting in November.

One of the essentials for any institution is a kitchen to provide much needed sustenance during the day. JJ Excel's kitchen however is far from fit for purpose. As a very basic wooden structure it is not very stable and now even worse as ants have decided to attack it. To rebuild this kitchen it will take roughly £2,900 which also includes a more efficient energy saving stove. We would love to be able to provide this for JJ students as part of this year's Christmas giving. Can you help? Any size gift will be appreciated towards our target.

We can even provide a gift card or gift certificate acknowledging your gift as an alternative type of gift to your loved ones. Just request the gift card in the message box during the donation process.