Impact at JJCT

Completing studies and moving on

It has been a particular joy to see two young people who have both been completely dependent on JJ for their secondary education, complete Senior Four (O Levels). Tim (not real name), lost both his parents, and was referred to JJ by a government official from a neighbouring sub-county. The official discovered he had dropped out of education and was fetching water in his local area to earn money for food. He has been boarding at the school since Senior 2 and has consistently achieved grades within the top 5 in his year. Ann (name changed), also a total orphan, took the initiative to request a free place at the school, having no relative to help fund her education. Initially she lived with an Aunty within walking distance, but later moved into the boarding section due to concerns relating to the home environment. Both served as Chapel Prefects, and were model students in terms of their behaviour, effort in their studies and participation in school activities.