Encouraging Talent

Encouragement goes a long way

Encouraging Talent

We love to see our students blossom, exploring their skills and talents and believing in themselves. Pamela is a beneficiary of Daylove project. From a tender age she has proved to be a dedeicated young lady, caring for a younger sibling as her mother worked hard to find work to sustain the family. Until Daylove stepped in, secondary education was not possible. Now she has completed a diploma in social work and has also developed a music career. Given the opportunity of training and participation in our Mentorship programme, Pamela has been empowered.

Through mentorship and hours of practice, Pamela has been able to build her self-confidence and self-esteem. She has done several audio recordings, performed at venues, invited to several TV and radio interviews and in 2018 was nominated best female artist of the year in Meru County. Unlike may of her peers she has not allowed limited financial ability to kill her dreams and aspirations.

Through our Mentorship programme, Pamela has been able to develop a positive mindset and overcome her challenging background. She has found purpose and is on her way to influencing her generation.

You can check out PamelaYouTube channel here.