Chairman's Cycle 200 smashes target

Fantastic response from you our supporters

Hand in Hand Chairman sets himself a Challenge...
As we interact with the Covid challenges our partners face in Kenya, I thought, what could I do to inspire your support? Previously the most I have cycled in a day is 100 miles. I casually mentioned this to a friend and said ‘I wonder if I could cycle 200 miles in a day?’ He replied, ‘you do that, put me down for £1 a mile’. I mentioned that to a Kenyan friend, he said; ‘I’ll match that.’ And that as they say was that.

On the 29th of May Grant set out to ride 200 miles in 24 hours,raising money for the HiH food appeal for the children and ongoing commitment to training costs for our students.

At 5:30pm on 30th May, Grant completed the 200 miles.

Thank you to all those that supported in terms of finance, encouragement and your prayers. A fantastic £9,700 has been raised to date.

It's not too late to give!