A student leader

A role model

Daniel, or commonly known as Mr. Hand in Hand or Pastor comes out as a cool collected individual that has it made in life. But there is more in this young man’s life than meets the eye. Daniel has grown to be a model student and leader amongst his peers. If you asked any student to describe him, you would hear things to this effect; well-articulated, always well dressed and neat, respectful, God fearing and always ready to share the Word or even pray when called upon and the list goes on.

But behind all this, is a young man who has had his share of life challenges. Born in Oct 2000 to a single mother, Daniel has grown up as an only child. He jokily shares that though he would have wished for some siblings, he also enjoyed undivided attention and love from his mother. He actually extends the joke that he had undivided attention from two mothers. This is because all along they have stayed at the grandmother’s home in Dagoretti.

With two ladies in the house, Daniel was forced to mature to become the man of the home. Though content with the circumstance that he found himself in, he confesses that he still feels a gap in his life. He has lacked a male figure in his life to guide him to manhood but by God’s grace, he shares he feels he has turned out ok. He says if it was up to him, he would have wished that his father was around as he believes every child deserves two parents.

A life of responsibilities

Throughout Daniel’s schooling he always performed well being one of the top three throughout. His responsible qualities were noted and he was assigned as class prefect from class 2 to 7 and then head boy in the final year. Daniel’s mum worked hard and she could just about manage the primary school costs but secondary school was another matter. Daniel’s primary school head teacher recommended that he approach Daylove for assistance to be able to go to secondary school as he scored well in his end of primary exams. After some interviews Daniel was accepted to be sponsored.

In high school Daniel continued his leadership roles taking on such roles as deputy library captain, deputy school captain and treasurer of the Christian Union. Though the responsibilities took up extra time Daniel still managed to perform well and he secured a place at Zetech University where he is currently pursuing a bachelor’s in economics and statistics supported by Hand in Hand.

Daniel has appreciated the mentorship program offered at Hand in Hand as it has helped to develop his leadership qualities. He elaborates that the HiH program is very different from many others as it is producing an all rounded individual, for this, he is truly grateful. He also shares that in 2019, he volunteered at Pace Maker International, an organization that recruits form four levels and trains them to teach at primary schools. Daniel underwent the training and was sent to Kahumboini primary to teach. In his short stay in the school, he explains that he was actually made class teacher of a standard four class.

Forging ahead

Undeterred by his past, Daniel says that his challenges have made him to be a more focused person. He has developed a goal to reaching out to the needy like himself and offer a helping hand. He is also committed to mentoring other young men with the skills gained from the HIH ‘making of a champion’ program.

Encouraged by his grandmother who is now 68 years old and his mother, he strives to continue doing his best in all he does. He shares that his bond with the two ladies is very strong as they are his world and the only family he knows.

He hopes to one day to run his own business but realises that he will need to continue to work hard and save for such an opportunity. He also mentions that he looks forward to starting his own family and he commits to becoming a good father and a responsible husband, something he never had.

With deep affection, he offers his gratitude to Daylove Children Project and Hand in Hand for being used of the Lord as answers to his prayers.

We wish Daniel well in all that he aspires to be and do. He is a model student and leader to others.