A Mother's Heart

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Anne, right from a very young age, has always had a heart for the poor. Though her family were not wealthy themselves Anne would often take food to those that needed it from the store cupboard much to her mother’s dismay!

Throughout her life she has looked to serve others even when she was in full-time work at Barclays bank. Taking in children to their own home along with their own 4 children, visiting the sick in hospital, taking a little something to children in the villages, Anne’s passion to serve never grew tired.

In 1999 Anne gave up her work at Barclays as she felt God calling her to something different. Not knowing what that was at that point it soon transpired that God wanted her to provide a home to orphans. A then unknown person offered the use of a house in Uplands and in April 2000 25 girls took up residence in their new home lovingly cared for by Anne and Tiras along with a few identified helpers, one of whom is Cecilia. Since that point many people have come alongside Anne and supported her in her vision to ‘love the unloved in society,’ including Hand in Hand. They soon outgrew the loaned house and with the generous support of friends in the UK most of whom worked at Barclays Bank, a new site was purchased upon which they have built a new home.

She estimates that she has been mum to over 3,000 children. She truly has a mother’s heart that is so much bigger than most of ours. Driven by her strong faith in God she has the same energy and zeal as when she started the home and shows no sign of relinquishing the privilege of being involved in some of the most vulnerable in society.