1st HIHF Christmas Fun Day

Bringing children together

Busy Days leading up to Christmas 2019

The last two weeks leading up to Christmas 2019 were a busy schedule for Peter and Harun in the Kenya office. With 3 holiday mentorship gatherings to prepare for and deliver as well as a new venture of providing a Christmas Fun Day for the children from New Hope, Namrata Shah and Daylove; extra energy and enthusiasm was required!

The mentorship times went on well, continuing to develop the year’s theme of Purpose and Influence. Whilst in Kenya Sue had the privilege of sharing some time with the Daylove students and hearing from them all that they had learnt. The students really find these mentorship sessions helpful and are grateful to supporters for providing for them to take place.

The fun day venture saw local people delivering their services in many cases free of charge in order to give the children just a little extra joy this Christmas. A bouncy castle, trampoline, food and gifts as well as several Santas helped to make it a day to remember. We want to thank staff from Riva petroleum and AYLF (Africa Youth Leadership Forum) who joined in with the many games organised for the children, as well as bringing gifts for the day.

Well done Harun and Peter for mobilising local people to give in this way.